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3 min readAug 19, 2021
Join us and become a messenger

What are the benefits of becoming a Msg Sender Global Ambassador?

We call our global ambassadors ‘messengers’, once you become one of us, you will:

1) Receive MSG token incentives and other rewards on a monthly basis

2) Ambassadors will be provided subsidies in MSG or USDT for online and offline activities they organize in accordance with the scale and effectiveness of the activity

3) When the project expands the core team, ambassadors will be given priority as early participants of Msg Sender.

Eligibility criteria for the Ambassador Program

1) Community leaders: Must recognize the value and future of Msg Sender, should be able to patiently introduce the project to the community, answer questions and explain core features.

2) Social media influencers: Key opinion leaders on Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, and other platforms, with a certain scale of the fan base, can join us to promote Msg Sender, help us reach more people, and help users understand the project.

3) Content creators: Creative and inspired individuals that are able to make interesting emojis, posters, charts, videos, and other content, vividly disseminating the products and value of Msg Sender.

4) True believers: Have confidence in the value and future of Msg Sender and have enough time and energy to do your part in its growth.

In fact, anyone can apply. If your expertise is not in line with the above criteria, but you still think you can help the project and are very willing to grow along with Msg Sender, you too are welcome to share your thoughts with us!

Responsibilities of the Ambassador

Following the interview and the 2-week assessment period, applicants can become ambassadors for Msg Sender. The ambassador needs to prepare a work plan for the next 2–4 weeks in coordination with us, and start working on it following the confirmation(not necessarily limited to the specialties described at the time of application, but in the end, rewards will be issued based on the contribution), such as:

a. Community growth and maintenance:

Make sure to spread all our news as widely as possible. Additionally, as a new project under development, you are encouraged to introduce it to more people, find new users, and even bring in potential partners. We celebrate diversity in our community!

b. Content localization & creation:

News, posters, video subtitle translations;

Create user guides and tutorials in your local language or other interesting content that would captivate the interest of users, such as articles, images, videos, etc., in compliance with the core values ​​of Msg Sender.

c. Event organization

Plan, initiate, and organize Msg Sender’s online and offline local events, including but not limited to AMAs, Webinars, Meetups, etc. Introduce the project to a wider audience and be the Msg Sender’s local voice.

d. Social media communication

Share and promote Msg Sender content on your social media platforms, including our announcements, news, and other developments.

e. Technology and products

Provide valuable suggestions for our product functions and designs (product logic, user interface), test platform functions, identify and report errors.

f. Anything else we didn’t plan but you think would be helpful to Msg Sender. Take initiative!

Ambassador application process

Send your application to, explaining to us 1)why you are interested in Msg Sender 2) your evaluation with our product 2)how you can help us…etc. After receiving the application, we will review and will arrange interviews for applicants who meet our expectations. There may be one round of interview. Once you pass the interview, you can become a trainee ambassador for 2 weeks, during which you will get a chance to prove your ability. If successful, you will be an official Ambassador of Msg Sender. We can then encourage and promote the development of Msg Sender together!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us via Twitter or Telegram. We are looking forward to hearing from you!!!



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